PewDiePie and Sean Murray Appear on The Late Show

no man's skyStephen Colbert recently hosted two big guests in the gaming world with Youtuber PewDiePie and Hello Games Sean Murray appearing on The Late Show.

The reasons both were there were for two separate reasons, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (aka. PewDiePie) was there to discuss his Youtube Stardom, openly admitting that he does not watch TV like many others today. Hello Games founder Sean Murray on the other hand was there to promote their game No Man Sky, and showed some of it off.

Felix appeared on October 1st, which you can watch below as he teaches Stephen some Swedish curse words.

Sean Murray appeared last night on the show, demonstrating the studios ambitious project, No Man Sky. Stephen tried to push Murray for a release date, but we will have to wait longer for any confirmation on that it seems. You can watch the entire video titled “Sean Murray May Have Replaced Morgan Freeman As God” below!

We must tip our hat to Colbert for treating both guests with respect, as we have seen many times gamers and youtubers get put down because of their craft, not just on TV but from other gamers even. This was also the case several weeks ago with another particular TV host.

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