Peter Dinklage dropped from Destiny

DestinyPeter Dinklage the actor famous for the role of Tyrion Lanister from Game of Thrones and most recently his appearance in the film ‘Pixels’ has officially been dropped from the cast of voice actors in Bungie’s Destiny. The actor’s distinctive voice was used in the game to provide a voice to ‘Ghost’, the small robot companion that follows you around the game, occasionally popping up during game play and cut-scenes to give Guardians information and help delivery the plot.

The shock announcement follows a press release which has even been covered in the worlds more mainstream, non-gaming news channels… Whoever they are. Dinklage previously received a large amount of criticism in regards to his performance in the role, with it being branded as being “awfully wooden” and likened to “someone reading a book to a child” which first began, before the game even officially hit the market. Criticism first came to light in the alpha version of the game on PS4 when fans took to the internet to mock his performance. Bungie therefore altered Dinklage’s voice to better suit the role giving it a more “Android like” sound.

Moving forward, Bungie have already hired replacement actor Nolan North, previously famous for his work with the Assassin’s Creed Destinyseries and PlayStation exclusive The Last of Us. He always plays the role of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series.

It’s easy to see why the fans reacted so negatively to Dinklage’s performance, we’ve often criticized Destiny for its poor story deliverance and could easily contribute that to some of the characters within the game. But what about the rest of the 4-One Gaming community? Fans of Destiny, do you think the overall experience of Destiny could have been improved with a more suitable voice actor playing the role of Ghost? Be sure to let us know your opinions in the comment section below.

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