Perhaps it’s time to give Call Of Duty a second chance?

CODInfiniteWarfareThere’s been a lot of criticism about the direction that the Call Of Duty series has been going in and i’ll hold my hands up and admit that my voice of opposition to the futuristic setting has been one of the loudest. The engine that the game uses is a relic and is really showing its age with plastic and bland textures, poor particle and explosion effects and we cant ignore that awful reveal trailer. As we get nearer to Call Of Duty: Infinite warfare’s release date though I find myself asking if its the right time to give the series another chance, after all if I don’t like Infinite warfare I can always play my favourite FPS title, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.

When details leaked about Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare being remastered the internet went into meltdown, but there was a catch. The only way to enjoy the fan favourite shooter was to pre-order the upcoming Call Of Duty title ‘Infinite Warfare’. Gamers were understandably upset  that Activision were using a game people love, to inflate the sales of a space themed shooter that so many don’t want. The last few Call Of Duty Titles have all been futuristic and although the series still sells well compared to other games, sales have been declining since Black Ops 2.

Call Of Duty

With Battlefield 1 absolutely outclassing Call of Duty with both its trailers and clever marketing its hard to see why someone like me who doesn’t like the direction the COD series is heading, would bother to give it the time of day. Well for starters there the Modern warfare remaster. No I don’t like how theyre forcing the new title on me just so I can play one of my faveourite games and I really don’t like the sound of just having 10 multiplayer maps from a game that had so many brilliant multiplayer maps. I fully expect them to go all Activision and try to sell me the remaining maps as DLC too, that would be a blatantly shitty move. But this is Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and even though I don’t like the conditions that come with it there is a huge part of me that’s finding it near on impossible to resist. If, as I expect I don’t like the Infinite Warfare part of it, I know I’ll have a game I love to bits to enjoy.

Call Of Duty

That leads me on to my next point quite nicely. Expectation of Infinate Warfare is so low that it could quite possibly be the futuristic Call Of Duty title that manages to persuade fans that the developers were right all along in pursuing the future as a setting. They have added space battles, surely addressing the criticism that Call Of Duty title are the same game each year re-skinned? Follow up trailers have been vastly improved and no longer look like the amateurish pieces of work you’d expect to see on a small youtube channel and whilst the problem of the ancient engine persists I find myself getting slowly intrigued by this space themed shooter.

Call Of Duty

So is there anything that Infinity Ward can do to convince me once and for all that I need to purchase this Call Of Duty title? yes. They can make a start by promising to do away with these ridiculous outfits that you can dress your Multiplayer character up in and the stupid dance moves that we have to endure. Call Of Duty used to be a no nonsense shooter, one where T bagging and carefully thought out insults were traded in the lobbies. They can also tone down the affect perks and kill streaks have on the outcome of a match. One of the best things about Call Of Duty is the gunplay and its ridiculous that they spoil that by letting other parts of the game interfere. Character movement needs some attention too. Whilst I’m not a fan of wall running and double jumping in Call Of Duty if they insist on including it then they need to tone things down a bit. If I’m shooting at someone I don’t want it to feel like I’m trying to swat a fly that’s changing direction at speeds only a frog or lizard can keep up with.  The game needs to get serious again and stop catering for an audience that is too young to legally buy the game .


Finally they can promise to release Modern Warfare maps that aren’t included at launch, for free. Free? Activision? yes I hear you but if I am to take a punt on Call Of Duty again the least Activision can do is to thank me by not completely turning one of my favourite games into a simple cash cow. If it doesn’t work out with Infinite warfare then at least I’d have Call Of Duty 4 and they’d have my money.

The pressure is somewhat off Infinity Ward for now as all attention is on Dice and their World War 1 shooter. The best thing they can do is listen to the guys and girls that fell in love with Modern Warfare and use it to help shape their latest game. If they can do that then perhaps Infinite Warfare will surprise us and perhaps it’ll be worth a purchase without having to hold an old favourite to ransom.

So that brings me to my original question. Is it time to give Call Of Duty a second chance? Part of me thinks that it is but there’s still that persistent nagging feeling telling me that Activision are too arrogant to accept feedback from the community and make any significant changes and that the developers are too scared to tell them that perhaps its time to leave the future in the past.

Call Of Duty series sales figures source: Forbes

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