Could a PC version of Sunset Overdrive be on the horizon?

Sunset OverdriveSunset Overdrive released exclusively on Xbox One back in 2014 and has since been discounted and even the free offering in one month’s Games With Gold initiative. It’s a fantastic game that really does deserve to be played and Insomniac seem to be keen to get it out to the PC audience too, but will Microsoft allow it?

For some time now Sunset Overdrive has been rumoured to be heading to PC along with Halo: The Master Chief Collection but nothing ever seems to come of it and the rumours just keep on recycling. Well one person on Twitter came out and just asked Insomniac Games and their answer wasn’t the avoiding PR handled response I might have expected.

Insomniac Games said they would love to see Sunset Overdrive head to PC and that it was up to Microsoft. The new Xbox Play Anywhere initiative certainly makes it more likely than it has ever been and Microsoft might see it as another opportunity to try to rebuild bridges with the PC community.

Sunset Overdrive

Of course IF Sunset Overdrive does eventually head to PC expect rumours of Halo: MCC following suit to literally go into overdrive. I’ve certainly got my fingers crossed that we’ll see both of these titles join the Play Anywhere party but for now I’m not going to get my hopes up again.

Sunset Overdrive

It’s generally understood that Microsoft allowed Insomniac to maintain rights to Sunset Overdrive post-launch, so long as it remained an Xbox One exclusive so it could be that legal interpretation could be the factor that stands in the way of this from happening.

At this years E3 Microsoft declared that all of its new titles that Microsoft Studios published and showed onstage, will support Xbox Play Anywhere. Phil Spencer particularly is keen to see games arrive on both platforms but did say that it would depend on whether the game fits which raises the interesting question of whether Sunset Overdrive would be a good fit for PC?


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