PC Gaming Show at E3: Part 2

pc gaming show e3Welcome to the second part of our highlights of the PC gaming show at E3 2016.


I’d be interested in this one if I wasn’t such a big chicken when it comes to horror games. Observer is a cyberpunk horror game by Bloober Team, they people who made Layer of Fear. The game features ways to hack in to a person’s nightmares and use them against them.

“We are focusing on deep narrative and environmental storytelling,” developer Rafal Basaj said. “You play as a detective and observer and use your skills to scan the environment and hack player’s fears.”


Dropzone seems like a mix between an RTS and a MOBA with players controlling three units each. Whether it will appeal to fans of either genre remains to be seen, but it’s one to watch in any case.

Arma III Apex

Bohemia were at the PC gaming show to give us a look at their next big update to Arma III. This one delivers many new vehicles both little and large to the game. Not just that, but a preview went live during the PC gaming show, for those who wanted to get started on mods before launch.

The Turing Test

The Turing Test is a new puzzle game that has shades of Portal style gameplay. You move  balls of energy around to open doors, power elevators, and so on.

Dual Universe

For the No Man’s Sky fans, this one may interest you. Dual Universe is a space game where you can fly from planet to planet and build cities to live in. Unlike No Man’s Sky, it won’t be a one person universe, several people will be in the universe at the same time. Another one to watch.

Day of Infamy

The team at Insurgency has brought their game back in time to WW2 for Day of Infamy. Take a look below.

Mirage: Arcane Warfare

From the team behind Chivalry comes Mirage: Arcane Warfare. Another multiplayer combat game, but the setting in this one looks much more colourful than Chivalry.

Warframe Lunaro

Do you like ninjas? Do you like explosions? Do you like balls?!! Well this is the game for you!

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Finally, some more footage from Deus Ex: Mankind. The clip shows off a new level set in Dubai as Adam Jenson silently and violently makes his way though the mission.


AMD also showed off their new Radeon RX 470 and RX 460 Polaris graphics cards. The RX 480 is set to start out at will start out at $200 so these will probably be even cheaper than that! Good news for the budget PC gamers.

So far I think my stand out moments in the PC gaming show have to be Obsidian’s isometric RPG, Tyranny and Vampyr which has some potentially interesting gameplay . What stood out for you? Let us know in the comments!

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