PC Batman: Arkham Knight Not Back Until Late October

BatmanPublisher Warner Bros. expect that Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight will be back on sale for PC players by the end of the month, but definitely not before that.

The publisher said in a Steam Community post that Rocksteady have been working hard on the fixes, with the last major update sorting out the majority of problems. They say that over the next few weeks there will be a few more updates and once those are out the PC version will be ready for sale again.

“As many of you know, we released a major patch for Batman: Arkham Knight PC a few weeks ago,” said the publisher. “While there were significant performance improvements made to the game, the teams are continuing to work on the additional updates that were outlined in our previous post. We expect these updates to be ready at the end of October, at which time the PC version will be made available for purchase. In addition, support for all DLC that has been released for the console versions will be in place.”

The second update will also include support for the DLC released on consoles so far, so all you fantastic people who held onto your broken games can now pay for all them sweet DLC’s and give WB even more of your monies…. because that’s what matters…. right?… RIGHT?!

It has been almost 4 months since the game originally released in the broken mess it was, and if WB have any intention of making it up to PC gamers then they need make this version worth our time, rather than just dump it out and make us empty our wallets. More than anything, I would expect they make DLC free for anyone who stuck it out, or something along those lines, at the very least. A fixed version at full price 4 months late is NOT an apology, but sadly, knowing them and this industry, that’s exactly what will happen.

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