Payday 2 has been given game-changing Micro-Transaction

PayDay 2We don’t know if it’s just us, but we feel like Micro-transaction are once again making a comeback in the world of “new-generation” gaming. Metal Gear Online, Destiny, Halo and Forza just to name a few are some of the recently released and upcoming games to have sparked fury among their communities by featuring them in some way shape or form. Fortunately however, they’re not what we’d call game-changing, in that what you can pay for doesn’t exactly affect the mechanics.While it isn’t exactly a new release, Overkill’s Payday 2 is the latest game to have Micro-Transaction added to its features, but this time there is an overall more sinister undertone to the story. Players can now purchase a £1.60 Drill which will allow them to open safes for a random loot drop. Inside are weapon skins with gameplay-changing effects that players can then choose to either use on themselves or sell on through Steam’s own Community Market, where items can be resold or traded depending on how the mood takes you.

However, that isn’t the main issue here. Two years ago, the game’s producer Almir Listo reassured the fans, whenPayDay 2 concerns were raised that Overkill would introduce Micro-Transactions, by saying they wouldn’t.

Listo in May 2013: “The Steam page for Payday 2 has been updated with your feedback. We’ve made it clear that Payday 2 will have no Micro-Transactions whatsoever and shame on you if you thought otherwise.” Furthermore, when asked about Micro-Transactions being added a month after he wrote the above statement, lead designer David Goldfarb replied: “No. No. God, I hope not. Never. No.” Clearly, this wasn’t to be the case, and here we are two years later with the “Black Market Update” now live on the game.

As a result the games community has erupted in fury via the Internet posting on the games official Reddit thread with titles such as “F*** you Overkill” heading the charge against Overkills controversial decision. At this point, Overkill have yet to address the community on the issue but have been approached by various names in the video game industry for comment. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what they have to say.

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