Would you pay $10 to drink virtual Soda?

soda drinker proLast week, a new title arrived on Steam and Xbox One called ‘Soda Drinker Pro’. Looking like it was designed by kids in Microsoft Paint, it’s on sale for $10 and sees you drinking soda from a straw in various locations which act as the ‘levels’.

“Honestly, this shows how much Xbox doesn’t really enforce what games come on the Xbox Store, because this is ridiculous.” Seriously, what is this? Is this ‘entertainment’? If you bought this game based on the title, thinking it would be a hilarious game to give you laughs, well then the joke’s on you. We’ve seen some great indie titles over the years for similar prices, but this one takes the biscuit.

I’m open to new gaming experiences, and yes, that includes Farming Simulator or Train Simulator when it arrives on the console platform (pun intended, and more humourous than Soda Drinker Pro) later this year.

Here’s the game’s launch trailer. And do you want to know something else that you may overlook (that I didn’t know about at first)? Hidden inside Soda Drinker Pro, is another game called Vivian Clark. Hidden within the second level behind a door painted onto the scenery, is that other game. According to the Soda Drinker Pro review by Gamespew, “Vivian Clark appears to be a series of random minigames tied together with a common goal of picking up collectible white cubes.” They say it’s as nonsensical as the game you’re buying, but certainly more entertaining. Not exactly hard to accomplish, compared to a horrid looking, slow paced game made in Microsoft Paint that has you drinking a full cup of soda to move onto the next level. Is this what gaming has become? Obviously not, but would you pay $10/£8 for this? Neither would I…

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