Paul’s Game of the Year 2016

goty2016 game of the year 2016Titanfall 2 is a everything a good sequel should be comprised of. Movement, load outs, variety in weapons and nearly every aspect of game-play has been slightly tweaked. The end result being multiple small improvements that make a great game a superb one. This outing now includes a campaign and a damn good one to boot. In a year with many great games, and especially crowded with shooters, Titanfall 2 is the best of them all. Shooter fans and casual gamers alike look no further for an exhilarating experience than my game of the year for 2016.

Although it’s not the best story I’ve seen in a game this year, the campaign to Titanfall 2 is an absolute delight. The game starts with some basic combat but keeps the experience a mostly fresh one as the player continues to progress. Two missions in particular were mind-bending and both encompassed unique properties of manipulating game-play. The addition of every Titan from the multiplayer and some memorable bosses keep the 8 hour campaign an enthralling one. The antagonists (Apex Predators) are an exceptional ensemble of 80s-esque villains that help this game glide from 80s action movie to hyper-speed Sci-Fi. Not only that but the relationship between the two main characters is a warm and engaging one. The story is accessible to new fans and tips a hat to the hardcore of TF1 by referencing some characters from the first game. Overall, there aren’t too many experiences quite like the single player. Though it’s not the best, it’s certainly one of the more memorable.

The campaign is the perfect prelude into the stellar multiplayer. Being able to utilize every aspect of game-play available in the single player is a great set up for multiplayer. It’s especially important because wall-running is an asset to game-play that’s demoed in the single player. Titanfall is a game where players who thrive are the ones who play the game fast. Being able to traverse the maps at high speeds, outwitting titans, and killing as many minions and pilots is how to succeed in the main game modes. I haven’t had this much enjoyment in a multiplayer game in years. Respawn has proven again that they are the best at making multiplayer games.

Through continued support, the game shows longevity in replay value. The first massive update (including a free map) is more than enough promise to live up to expectations. In this update we saw some balance changes and plenty of added customization. Respawn is listening to the community. If the predecessor is any indication, we should expect continued maintenance on this already well-refined game. The DLC model is a superb one as well. Every season pass the last few years has been met with disappointment or lackluster content. It’s refreshing to see that any future maps and updates will boast free content.

The bottom line is that Titanfall 2 deserves game of the year and your attention. Shane has elaborated on this pretty well but here’s what it boils down to. Since release I’ve played 151 hours (slightly over six days) of this game. I’ve won 400+ matches and have reached the seventh gen/prestige. Shane and I were both highly anticipating this game, and it’s one of the few examples to exceed expectations. After two months of continuous play and enjoyment I can confidently say I haven’t played a better game this year. Both single and multiplayer are superb and unforgettable experiences. This game and developer deserves to thrive because they give the player everything the player wanted and didn’t know they needed. Titanfall 2 is an incredible experience for any gamer.

Honorable Mention: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Naughty Dog continues in grand fashion to make superb story experiences. A fitting end to the tale of Nathan Drake explores aspects of family, adventure, and limits. Combat feels smooth, environments are lush, and dialogue is real. Nearing the conclusion of the game I felt some melancholy because this great series was ending. Naughty Dog put excellent effort into making this one of the best games for Uncharted, which for me, ranks slightly behind the second game as the best. Uncharted 4 also comes equip with a solid multiplayer mode and recent addition of survival mode.

This developer support is appreciated, though the combined heights of single and multiplayer never quite reach how I felt with Titanfall 2. Though I enjoyed the campaign for this the most, Titanfall was a more enjoyable experience overall. Regardless, this is a game that is definitely worth checking out and very narrowly misses my top spot, but resonates with my curiosity and interest often.

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