Patrick Bach talks Star Wars Battlefront

star wars had the opportunity to sit down with Patrick Bach, General Manager of DICE, about developing Star Wars Battlefront. With such a huge franchise, a lot is riding on its success, but as we all know, the internet hasn’t been too kind about what they know of it so far.

“It’s all about creating the Star Wars game we wanted to play but which didn’t exist yet, it’s good that there hasn’t been a really great Star Wars game because it’s an opportunity to make something that is truly our own and truly Star Wars. Working together really tightly with Lucasfilm on this has proven that they are as passionate as we are but we are experts in different fields. The overlap between DICE and Lucasfilm has been quite big when it comes to what we want to achieve.”

patrick bachWhile fans may dream of flying from the snowy hills of Hoth up to space, we know that this won’t be happening in Battlefront. Instead, DICE wish to focus more on the epic land and air battles that will take place, pleasuring our ears with the sounds of TIE Fighters and X-Wings flying over our heads while we chase down Stormtroopers in trenches, defending positions.

“We’ve heard since we announced the game that people were worried about this and we have not heard a single word of that from people here playing the game. So that’s been truly satisfying to finally let people see for themselves. To me it’s clear that this is very passion driven project but then on a higher level it’s a project that fits a studio like DICE.”

star wars battlefront canonWhen asked about the pressure of creating a Star Wars game, a franchise around a lot longer than their own IP, Battlefield, Patrick Bach said “It’s a completely different pressure, to be honest. If you ever own IP it can be anything, it’s up to you to shape it, define it and also iterate it and turn it into whatever you want it to be for the future. Here we have a franchise that’s been around for quite some time to be honest and people have very fond memories of what it was and maybe not what it is. Your memories are one thing and then the reality is something else. A lot of people get disappointed when they watch the movies again, if enough time has passed, because what they remember was not even in the movies.”

You can read the full interview here, which offers more information about the development of Star Wars Battlefront, Mirror’s Edge and the evolution of the DICE studio.


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