PaRappa the Rapper making a come back?

parappa the rapperKick, punch, it’s all in the mind, if you wanna test me, I’m sure you’ll find,
The things I’ll teach ya is sure to beat ya, but nevertheless you’ll get a lesson from teacher.

According to the Korean ratings board, it looks as if PaRappa the Rapper may be making a PlayStation come back, probably being announced officially at this weekend’s PlayStation Experience. I don’t speak Korean, but Gematsu picked up on it and it’s certainly exciting!

I haven’t seen PaRappa since the good old original PlayStation days. He never went anywhere outside of Japan after that, instead sticking around, playing local clubs, building his rep and hopefully not doing drugs. I’m sure he’s still alive and well, but we miss his catchy beats.

The original game released in 1997 in Europe and the US, and won us over with its wacky tunes, brilliant 2D-3D art style and memorable characters. It was a rhythm action game which saw you repeating what your teachers told you, using the four face buttons on the controller. You could do some free-styling to earn bigger points as long as you kept within the timing. It was a short game, but still great fun with some good replayability.

It’s unknown whether this PaRappa the Rapper will be a remaster, remake, or a brand new title, but I’m all for more PaRappa, and more iconic mascot characters in the current generation. We need ’em!

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