PaRappa the Rapper remastered release date reminder

parappa the rapperKick, Punch, It’s all in the mind, and if you are excited, I’m sure you’ll find, that the release of PaRappa, will be sure to snap ya, back into nostalgia, in the rhyme-y kind! Ok, that’s enough mumbo-jumbo for the morning. PaRappa the Rapper’s remastered release finally has a release date for the PlayStation 4!

M-M-M-M-Mark your calendar, for April 4th, when PaRappa hits the market on the PlayStation Store. ‎£11.99  for Brits, $14.99 for Yanks, and PS Plus members will receive 20% off too, thanks! While nothing new is added, relive your childhood phase, by rapping with some animals, to nostalgiate your days. I’m making these words up, it’s what us rappers do, and if you do not like it, well…shame on you!

PaRappa is a dog, who wants to charm a girl, but he’s got competition so gives rapping a whirl. On his fine adventure, he learns a thing or two, by bashing buttons rhythmically, but there is no player 2. The adventure can be short, but the tunes are top dog, you’ll be humming them for weeks unend, except for the one you do with the frog.

So p-p-pick up PaRappa, especially if it’s new, a game from ’96, and getting yo’ gaming fix!

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