The Pain and Strife of a Gamer’s Wife

gta jimmy gaming gamerWalking through the door from a 10 hour shift at work to see him there…in his gamer posture (you guys all have one!) Headset on, controller in hand, completely oblivious to my presence. This is a scene I encountered on a regular occasion. Shouting hello loud enough for him to hear me only for him to then throw me a sideways glance and half smile

It could be worse, he could be down the pub every night.

But then him excitedly going on about all these new game releases that he just has to have brings me back to being irritated by his seemingly inability to grow up. It got to the point where I was on the verge of taking a hammer to his beloved console. He had gone to work and I was sitting there one afternoon, his Xbox 360 smugly looking at me from the TV Unit.

Wondering what was so amazingly addictive, I switched it on and loaded up the game he was playing at the time which so happened to be Call Of Duty 4, Modern Warfare (many moons ago!). I daringly joined an online team deathmatch (after hours of watching him do it I could navigate the menus) and I got killed within 10 seconds of connecting. But instead of rage quitting and reaching for the hammer, I used my anger to hunt my killer down and I successfully headshot him with my AK47. The buzz I got from that was an utter shock to me, it was great!

call of duty 4

Before I knew it I looked at the clock and two hours had passed. I was completely lost inside his world. And I loved very minute of it. But that left me a difficult choice to make.

Do I forget that ever happened and continue to take the moral high ground, forever to roll my eyes with boredom the sheer mention of a game? Or do I admit defeat, and swallow a huge amount of humble pie whilst watching my husband execute his victory dance (you guys all have one them too!)?

I decided to go with the latter and by the end of the week I was set up with my own console and copy of Call Of Duty 4. Now I am a regular ‘gamer’ and not only do I enjoy it, it provides even more common ground for me and my husband to stomp over. If you can’t beat them…join them online and beat them!

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