P.T spiritual successor Allison Road starts Kickstarter campaign

Allison RoadLast year, a short horror teaser called P.T, a demo for the then-upcoming Silent Hills game, managed to spook thousands of gamers, as well as build up hype for the game that was being made by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. Sadly, the project ended up scrapped by Konami in a series of decisions that allowed them to earn the collective wrath of the gaming community.

However, a group of fans have decided to take matters into their own hands, developing their own horror game inspired heavily by P.T, it goes by the name of Allison Road and you can now back it on Kickstarter.

The developers are asking for 388.261$ to make it a reality, and at the time of writing they already have 40.140$, with 29 more days to go, maybe it won’t be long until the game is fully funded.

The game is being made by a studio known as Lilith, formed by industry veterans who played games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill 2 and Dead Space. It’s going to use Unreal Engine 4 and it will have VR support, It’s set for release on PC at the end of 2016, followed by Mac, Linux and Console versions later down the road.

You can view all the details about this project on the Kickstarter page linked below.

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