P.T Silent Hills game made into a live action movie

pt silent hills screenP.T and Silent Hills has scared the wits out of thousands of gamers around the world, and despite the fact that the project was canceled, it still comes back to haunt us in some form or another. Here, a Michigan production company called Oddest of the Odd have made it into a real life film. Spare pants at the ready!

In the description of the P.T Silent Hills video, the studio’s goal is to “get Guillermo Del Toro’s, Hideo Kojima’s, and Norman Reedus’s attention! We made this video not just because we are huge fans of Silent Hill, but we also REALLY want this game developed! With the help of you guys (the fans) we can make it happen! Being horror fans and film makers, this idea is a dream come true for us!”

What did you think of that? Did you jump? Time to change the underwear!

[Source: Youtube]

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