P.T. Silent Hills Demo Remade in Fallout 4

P.T. Fallout silent hillsThe gaming world still has a thorn in its side from the Silent Hills Cancellation, even though it’s been a year since. Fans watching DICE last week were eagerly anticipating Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro’s Panel, hoping for either an announcement of the game being continued, a brand new game being produced by the duo, or just a further inside scoop into the controversial Konami incident.

However, the discussion just ended up being an hour long confirmation that the duo were close friends. It still looks like the only thing we’ll ever see of Silent Hills is P.T., only available to those who initially downloaded it before it was removed from the PlayStation Store.

Fans have been hard at work for the last year trying to make the demo accessible to all, but the closest thing to success so far are fan-made remakes of the game, the most notable of which being PuniTy, a remake of the game in the Unity Engine.

But today a Fallout 4 modder has remade P.T., adding in a couple of extra touches and bringing a quintessential Fallout aspect to it, the most notable of which is the utilization of the player’s Pip-Boy radio.

Check out some footage below.

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[Source: Youtube]

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