P.T Easter Egg in Metal Gear Solid V

SilentHills p.tI doubt this will end up being much of a surprise to anyone being a Kojima game, but Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain includes a reference to P.T, the playable teaser for Silent Hills which was sadly dumped.

Well, technically this is the second reference, as we have already seen that the P.T. ghost Lisa can be used as a decoy to distract enemies in previous gameplay videos.

By following the details in the video below, you will come to a small hut and inside that hut is a radio. Unlike most radios in the game, just happily singing songs and whatnot, this one tells the story of P.T. and the reports of the family murders like that of the radio also in P.T.

It’s not a big thing, but at least it confirms that P.T. did in fact exist, and it went right under Konami’s noses. It also shows what awesome little stuff you can find with a little exploration.

What are your thoughts on the Easter Egg? Did you find any yourself yet? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Arekkz Gaming]

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