Overwatch Reaper Statue Available For Pre-Order

Reaper StatueHello everyone, this little tidbit of news is focused on any Overwatch or video game statue collectors. Recently announced by Blizzard, a 12″ inch sculpted statue is available for pre-order through the Blizzard Gear Store. Unfortunately the first wave of pre-orders is already sold out, but as of the 29th, the second wave coming out in Q3 2017 can still be pre-ordered.

As for the character himself, Reaper is actually the once thought dead Gabriel Reyes, who used to be 2nd in command of Overwatch before it was disbanded. Preferring the usage of dual shotguns both pre and post becoming Reaper, he prefers to flank enemies, taking them out from up close and personal when they least expect it. After the bomb that blew up Overwatch HQ seemed to have killed Reyes, he re-emerged years later under the code name Reaper as a hired mercenary for the Talon terrorist group.reaper-concept

The statue itself is made up of Polystone, and having been worked on by several of Blizzards Sculptors, 3D Artists and Painters, it misses little to no details. As for the pose, it encapsulates Reaper performing his ultimate attack – Death Blossom. Another point worth mentioning is that the base itself looks to be of nice quality, with it being the Overwatch logo, much like the Tracer and Soldier 76 Statues released prior.

Now for the part most of you are waiting for… the price. The statue is currently on pre-order for $150USD, the exact same price as the Tracer statue released when the game first came out. As well, with the first wave already being sold out, this is an item that, if you’re interested in it, you should pre-order ASAP.

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