Overwatch possibly headed to the Olympic games with new lootbox items and an arena

Olympic Overwatch skinsAs we near the 2016 Olympic games in Rio, there is some evidence that Blizzard are getting involved by adding new themed skins, sprays, voice lines and other goodies to Overwatch.

This evidence is coming from a recent unboxing by Twitch streamer Laced up Lauren who received an Olympic themed Overwatch package from Blizzard. The package contained some cards that showed the potential skins and another two with some images that looked like sprays, some fake tickets and a big gold medal.




Also spotted was the below image in NeoGaf detailing a PlayStation Store download blurb for the boxes which stated:

“Celebrate Ovewatch’s inaugural Summer Games with special Summer Games Loot Boxes – available for a limited time!”


If the above image is genuine it seems like we’ll be getting these Olympic goodies from today until the 22nd of this month.  With the Olympic games kicking off on Saturday 6th it seems like a reasonable time for these lootboxes to be added to the game.


The above image has also cause some speculation as to whether a football themed mode and map would be added. Personally, I’d love this, even as a brawl. Here’s hoping this actually transpires as the skins look pretty great and a new arena (even if it were just for brawl) would be a fun addition for the month.

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