Overwatch player accused of cheating proves herself

overwatch tracerOver the past few days, a Korean Overwatch player had performed so well during a tournament, that she was accused of cheating. With a massive 6.31 K/D  and 80% win rate, you could understand the query, but she proved herself to be as good as the stats showed.

During the Nexus Cup, Geguri, the 17 year old Korean did so well, that her opponents accused her of cheating. They also stated that if she could be proven wrong, that she wasn’t in fact cheating, they would leave esports. Well, guess what?

“To ensure there were no lingering doubts, she took to the stage and put on an hour-long showcase of her talent for all the world to see,” as PC Gamer reported. “Interestingly, despite the quality of her performance, she said she could have done even better but she’s been under a lot of stress over the past few days because of the accusations. She also wore a mask during her appearance on the stream to hide her identity, which all by itself is a tremendously sad comment on the state of videogaming.”

Following the kick ass display, ELTA and Strobe, from Dizziness, the two pro players who said they would quit esports if she was found not to be cheating, have kept their word. An amazing story really, and it shows that some people are just that damn good at some games like Overwatch. You can watch her in action in the video above, which is in Korean.

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