Overwatch News: Terry Crews Hopeful to be Doomfist

Terry Crews HeadshotHello everyone, I’ve got some¬† news regarding the upcoming (eventually) hero Doomfist, specifically about who wants to voice him. In regards to who’s campaigning to be the voice of this hero, that would be Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Crews, also known as Sergeant Terry Jeffords on that show. The actor himself has stated that he’s an avid PC gamer and would love to join the cast of voice actors for this game.

As for the character himself, Doomfist has been ever-present throughout the lore of Overwatch. There’s banners showing a mysterious figure being set up to be the next Doomfist, as it’s more of a title than their actual name. As well, one of the maps has the Doomfist gauntlet itself as the objective, and it’s up to your team to either push it on the payload to the objective, or stop it. Now as to the morality of Doomfist, we actually have no idea if he’ll be supporting the Overwatch group, or the terrorist group Talon. This is due to this being the third iteration of Doomfist, with the previous two being on exact opposites of the morality spectrum. This makes it impossible to tell whether or not this Doomfist’s lore will be friendly or menacing.Who is Doomfist

As for how the character should play, we’re expecting a melee oriented attack character, or maybe even another tank like Reinhardt. Hopefully he’ll either get a few ranged skill attacks, or do massive amounts of damage, but can only do this at close range. With any luck, we’ll get a character that’s a mix of Reinhardt, and Genji’s ultimate attack form.

Carrying onto the actor himself, I can’t say for certain if Terry Crews would be perfect for the role, as I can’t recall him having done voice-over work before [he voiced Benjamin King in Saints Row IV – Jornny], but he has done numerous other forms of entertainment successfully. As well, we don’t know much about the new Doomfist’s personality, and I for one cannot imagine Terry Crews as an evil villain, but if it turns out he’s a good guy with maybe an attitude, Crews would fit perfectly.terry-crews

All in all, with little confirmed about the character besides their lore and possibility to be implemented in the game, there’s definitely room for Blizzard to accept Terry Crew’s request and add some major star power to their roster. I for one would be fine with it, as I personally enjoy Terry Crews’ in all of his roles that he’s played. With any luck, his campaigning will give us a bit more confirmation on when the Doomfist character will be released for Overwatch.

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