Overwatch’s latest update adds a wealth of content

overwatch novemberOverwatch’s latest update is now live for all formats and it weighs in at 10.8GB. The latest update adds a wealth of new features from a new character, new map, new arcade mode and season 3 of competitive mode plus various different tweaks and the best thing about it? It’s all free.

The new character is the highly anticipated Mexican hacker, Sombra. She plays a more attacking role but with 200HP, she’s quite squishy but she packs some deadly abilities. Her weapon is a fully automatic machine pistol that is lethal up close. Her first ability is “Hack” which is used to hack enemies to stop them using their abilities and she can also hack health packs to stop enemies using them and make them spawn faster.

Her second ability is “Thermoptic Camo” which grants Sombra a short time of invisibility during which she moves considerably faster, however, attacking while the camo is active will disable it. Her third ability is “Translocator” where she can throw a beacon and teleport back to it at given it’s still active which is very handy for getting out of a tough spot. Sombra also has a passive ability where she can see enemies on the map if their health drops below 50%. Finally, her ultimate ability is called “EMP” which deploys an electromagnetic energy blast in a wide radius, destroying enemy barriers and shields and hacks all opponents caught in the blast.

A complete new addition to the game is the new Arcade Mode which has been designed to replace Brawl Mode. Arcade mode features five different game types which include Elimination, Mystery Duel, Mystery Heroes, No Limits, and All Brawls.

In Elimination, two teams of three players fight to eliminate the enemy team each round on a smaller sized map. The first team to successfully win three rounds is declared the winner. In this mode, health packs are not in the game.

overwatch arcade

Mystery Duel is a 1v1 mode where your given a mystery character to use against your opponent. The first player to reach 5 victories is declared the winner. Like Elimination, health packs are not available to pick up on the map.

Mystery Heros is similar to Mystery Duel except this one is 6v6 and you’re given a mystery hero to use that will cycle everytime you die. However, The cycle doesn’t seem to require any specific number of Offensive, Defensive, Tank, or Support characters either, which means you’ll continuously find yourself with an unbalanced team so good luck with that.

No Limits is basically quick play with old rules meaning 6v6 with duplicate characters are able to be selected.

Finally, we have All Brawls which is a collection of Brawls previously available in Overwatch during limited weekly events such as High Noon which only allowed players to use McCree, and Super Shimada Bros which only allowed players to use Genji or Hanzo. There are currently 13 different Brawls available and more will be added as time goes on. Also, to accompany Arcade Mode are exclusive maps and one has already made its way into the game which is Ecopoint: Antarctica and is for now reserved for 3v3 or 1v1 match types. Season 3 of competitive play is also going live soon so be prepared for that.

overwatch all brawls

One final note to make is a big change to quick play which is only one of each hero is able to be selected on each team. A big reason behind this is some teams had 6 Genjis, 6 Tracers, 6 Reapers and so on which was just ridiculous. Blizzard also seem to be pushing eSports and competitive play in a big way.

Those are the major points of the new Overwatch update but there are also a wealth of changes, fixes and so on. The link is below to take you directly to the official changes list

[Source: Blizzard]

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