Overwatch Halloween: More Treat Than Trick It Seems

Accorjunkrat_jesterding to a few leaked images, courtesy of reddit, it seems like Overwatch players are in for a treat soon. It seems that the slip-up occurred on the Xbox store, allowing for players to purchase special loot boxes that contain Halloween themed items.

For those who may not know about what loot boxes are, they are virtual boxes that contain 4 random items that allow you to further customize your characters. They can either be purchased through their respective store or earned through every level up.

As for the contents of the loot boxes, the description on the leaked images indicates that each loot box will include at least one Halloween skin, highlight intro, emote, victory pose, player icon, voice line, or credits to purchase other items. Though hopefully we get some form of special coins to purchase Halloween items, rather than just standard currency.

Overwatch Halloween Loot Box LeakAfter searching through the reddit thread itself, it seems Blizzard’s having some fun with it as well. With voice lines indicating some sibling rivalry, Genji and Hanzo, and even a Soldier 76 being a dad voice line popped in there. While many may have thought the summer games event was a bit lackluster, if I know Blizzard, this event will have something to unlock for everyone.

Reaper Mariachi skinWhilst it’s not very surprising that Overwatch would have a halloween event, considering it is Blizzard and they’ve already had a event, it’s a relief to finally have some info on the matter. As well, any fans of Blizzard know that they’re not ones to pass on a limited time event based around a theme.

With any luck, this event may be what many gamers need to get back into Overwatch if they’ve fallen out of favour with  it. As for myself, this is exactly what I need to get back into the game with the same intensity that I had when it first came out and when the summer games event occurred.

[Source: Reddit]

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