Overwatch free to play next weekend

OverwatchBlizzard have announced that Overwatch will be free to play next weekend, between September 9th and the 12th, giving curious players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 a chance to see what all the fuss is about. Blizzard’s team based, class based first person shooter took the world by storm this year with tight gameplay, gorgeous visuals, and its varied cast of characters.

You will be able to play the full game too, it’s not limited in any way, so you can join your friends who can’t seem to tear themselves away from it. That means you have access to all 22 heroes and all 13 maps. Cancel next weekend’s plans.

If you want to get downloading (not sure if the option would be available right now for pre-installation), search for “Overwatch Free Weekend” on the PlayStation Network or “Overwatch: Origins Edition Free Weekend” on Xbox Live. The game will require 9GB of space on PS4 and 15GB on Xbox One.

The start and end times are 7pm UK time on 9th September and 12am UK time 13th September. That’s midnight, for those confused by the 12!

Which character will you go to first? What playing style will you be drawn towards? Most importantly, will you play the objective?

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