Overwatch Events: Did Blizzard Fix The Reward System?

Halloween ReaperHello everyone, now that I’ve had some time to experience the newest event for Overwatch, I wanted to address how Blizzard is handling the event-specific items for the Halloween event.

First off, to add some context to this argument, getting currency in Overwatch is actually rather difficult. You either get them from a random drop in a lootbox, only giving you a max of 500, or a paltry amount from getting duplicate drops from lootboxes. Now, onto the events…

As most who played Overwatch during the Summer Games Event know, it’s rewards were absolutely luck based. Regardless of how much you’d played beforehand or saved up in currency, all of the themed items were only available via new lootboxes, and the only way to gain lootboxes are to level up or pay real currency. So if you were like me and wanted that one specific skin or pose or emote etc… you either had to play for several hours a day, or drop a few… or fifty dollars. Whilst this did add to the limited nature of the items, making earning one a much more prestigious reward (if you earned it through leveling), it almost demanded real currency. Once the timed event ended and the Summer Games items were now locked away permanently, many flooded Blizzard social media posts with complaints about the random nature of these rewards. Taking all of these complaints into account, they were met with the standard response, ‘Your concerns have been noted’. Following that, everyone sat and waited for the next event.

Halloween MercySurprisingly enough, Blizzard actually took these concerns into account, and when the Halloween Event began, they made it clear that every timed item could be purchased with in-game currency. Though, something that should be made clear is that these skins are not cheap, costing about 3X the normal amount for an epic skin. For reference, I have gotten to level 55 (earning one lootbox per level) , and have purchased a 50 pack of lootboxes and would still barely have enough to buy even one of the epic Halloween skins. So all in all, it seems like Blizzard designed the reward system of this event to cater to those who had been playing much more regularly than myself.

So now that I’ve discussed both events for Overwatch so far, I feel like the point needs to be made regarding the brilliance that Blizzard did when they made this event. Not only did they capitalize on a major event, Halloween, they found a way to please the masses and still make a pretty penny. You can now purchase event items with in-game currency, but there’s still plenty of incentive to purchase lootboxes, so Blizzard’s not losing out on that.

Taking all of this into account, I believe that Blizzard found the perfect medium to please not only the fans, but their wallets as well, something many developers can’t claim themselves.


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