Osiris: New Dawn coming to PC and consoles

osiris new dawnBeginning its life on Steam Early Access last week, developer Fenix Fire has announced that its new title Osiris: New Dawn will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One some time in 2017 too. Set 40 years in the future, Osiris: New Dawn will let players embark on a daring enterprise, experiencing a breathtaking outer limits adventure for the future survival of humankind

The press release says “Osiris astronauts will experience the thrill and terror of colonizing alien worlds of unbelievable beauty and unforgiving dangers. Osiris: New Dawn players explore an alien planet for valuable resources, build modular structures to create a base, research technology to create equipment and vehicles, survive the ever-changing weather elements, face-off against cunning indigenous creatures, form colonies with other gamers, and travel off the planet to destinations great and unknown.”

“After five years of development, making Osiris available on Steam Early Access is like playing the game itself, incredible and frightening,” stated Brian McRae, CEO and founder of Fenix Fire. “This is just the very beginning of this epic journey, as we deliver what we think is a stellar experience to players.  We plan to continuously add new content as we expand the mission. I look forward to hearing fan’s constructive feedback and seeing what they enjoy and what they want to be added to make Osiris as grand as space itself.”

Graphically, it looks like it’s borrowing from Destiny’s palette of colours, and the gunplay looks like a bit of fun too. A variety of vehicles as well as on-foot third person action could result in this being one of the most interesting new games of next year.

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