Operation Velvet Shell kicks off Year 2 of Rainbow Six Siege

operatoin velvet shell rainbow six siegeRainbow Six Siege has become the ever-expanding underdog of 2016, having launched late in 2015 and building a solid fan base of hardcore strategic shooters. The only thing holding it back from further greatness are the servers, but Ubisoft continue to roll out new content, most of which is free, and Operation Velvet Shell is the next step in the right direction.

First up are a few new features to streamline the game’s main menu interface. “The new design will make all player activities such as challenges, news, and boosters all available in one place.” The game will also remember the last mode you played, so if you finished your night on a Ranked match, it will be ready to search for a Ranked match when you next log in.

Upgraded Navigation Interface

Of course, the update wouldn’t be complete without a new map and a pair of Operators, and Ubisoft doesn’t disappoint. The new Rainbow Six Siege map is set in Spain, and adds a welcomed dash of colour and diversity. It looks exciting, and we’ll be giving this a good run through in the coming days. As for the Operators, two Spanish special forces members join the roster. They are Mira and Jackal.

Mira is able to place a one-way mirror to see the enemies from a defensive position, while they won’t be able to see her. Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? Jackal is able to track footprints, which he can relay to the rest of his team. This particular skill has caused a bit of controversy amongst the community, due to its implementation and the duration of the ability when active.

Other changes to the game include scope positioning on the various weapons. As Ubisoft put it, “Our intention is that each sight should be comfortable, different but equally viable, and that when you select a sight you have a precise idea of what it will look like whatever the weapon is.” You can see the difference in the graphic below.

rainbow six siege sights

Ubisoft have also made a few bug fixes, which you can read in detail here. Some of the main changes however, include:

  • FIXED – Operator’s head is missing in drone view during Situation 7 and Situation 10.
  • FIXED – Tachanka’s view can be misrepresented, preventing his shots from registering.
  • FIXED – 556xi and AUG A2 are sometimes unable to destroy a distant camera.
  • FIXED – Weapons equipped with a Suppressor, Heavy Barrel, or Muzzle brake have no muzzle flash.
  • FIXED – Jager’s gadget can be deployed on an Operator’s shield, and remain in that place after the shield moves.
  • FIXED – Nitro Cell damage radius is much higher on hardwood walls.

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