Official Predator trailer for Mortal Kombat X

predatorGET TO THE CHOPPER! Netherrealm Studios has released the official gameplay trailer for the Predator, one of the kharacters becoming available as part of the Kombat Pass. He will be available on July 7th for Pass holders, and July 14th to buy individually for$4.99 and the Predator Prey Pack including the three new skins will be available for purchase separately for $3.99. Below, you can see him in action.

You kan see the variety of fighting styles on offer, with one involving the use of his wrist blade and razor sharp throwing discs, and in another version, he has access to his staff/spear, as seen in the second Predator movie. You kan also see the Predator making use of its shoulder mounted kannon, in both real time fighting and within his Fatality, which looks rather messy and fun! The Predator also makes use of its camouflage abilities, but I’m unsure whether this ability will be available with all of his fighting techniques, or just select styles.

“You’re one… *ugly* motherfucker!”

[Source: Youtube]

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