Official Debriefing of Hideo Kojima for Metal Gear Solid V

hideo kojimaTake a look at this heartfelt farewell by Hideo Kojima, as he ends his work on Metal Gear Solid on a high note, following the release of MGSV: The Phantom Pain. Kojima meets and greets fans, and visits one family in particular.

In the video, Kojima talks about how the fans were part of the development for him, and apologises for how long it took the game to be made. The video also features him visiting known gaming figureheads, such as Troy Baker, who voiced Ocelot, Greg Miller of Kinda Funny Games, Robin Atkin Downes, the voice of MGS’s Miller and Geoff Keighley, who hosted last year’s Game Awards.

The most important visit, is to the family of Sean Paul Gillespie, who died in February 2015 of cancer aged just 21. He was a Metal Gear superfan, and seeing Kojima in his bedroom admiring his collection of Metal Gear collectibles is extremely touching.

While Kojima is now free from Konami, he has lost control of his Metal Gear IP, so the future for him is still up in the air. After 28 years of the series, it’s hard to imagine where Kojima will go next. At least now, we have Metal Gear Solid V, which has so far proven to be a massive hit for fans and critics alike.

[Source: Youtube]

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