Oculus Touch Controllers could Cost £190 in UK

OculusOculus Rift currently retails at around £200 less than its competitor HTC Vive, and we may have just found out why there’s such a gulf between the price points. Apparently Oculus Touch controllers will cost £190 in the UK, which means the full Oculus Rift virtual reality experience will be as expensive as HTC Vive’s.

When the VR headsets released, much fuss was made about the difference in price. The HTC Vive included its own controllers and thus was priced around £200 more than its competitor which only came bundled with an Xbox One controller and we’ve been waiting ever since for their own VR motion controllers to release.

A poster was seen in the big Stratford Westfield GAME store (GAME is the UK equivalent of GameStop for those outside of the UK). Engadget reporter Nick Summers took a picture of the poster and tweeted the picture a couple of days ago.

VR Controllers really make the difference to the experience and their imminent release will no doubt be welcomed by Rift adopters. The poster has since been removed and all knowledge denied by the store but we expect we’ll hear more about the controllers during Oculus Connect next month. Either way releasing in the run up to Christmas would make sense.


So how will this change the price comparisons of VR? Well searching Game.co.uk we can see HTC Vive is around £759 and we expect the cost of Oculus Rift (including Controllers) to be around the £750 mark. Oculus currently retails at around £550. In contrast, Sony’s PlayStation VR headset will only cost £350 although you will need to buy the PS Move controllers and PlayStation Camera separately which together costs around £120 (new).

oculus rift

It should be noted that in all likelihood the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will offer a more polished or better experience than what PSVR will be able to offer if you are on a standard PS4*  so if you want a better VR experience on PS4 you will need to invest in the  PS4 PRO as well which would bump the price up considerably.

*Both PS4 and PS4 PRO will support PSVR but concerns have been raised about the current PS4 infrastructure bottlenecking and whether hitting the key 60fps needed to avoid lag and motion sickness could be problematic on the standard PS4 with the more demanding games.

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