Oculus Rift Likely to Cost Over $350

oculus riftThe Oculus Rift, like Valve and HTC’s Vive, will be releasing in the first few months of 2016 to consumers, but don’t expect it to be cheap.

In an interview with RoadToVR.com at Connect, Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey was asked if the $350 mark spoken about a few years ago is still accurate today, and replied that it is unlikely considering the amount of technology that has gone into the product since then.

You know, I’m going to be perfectly honest with you,” said Luckey. We’re roughly in that ballpark… but it’s going to cost more than that. And the reason for that is that we’ve added a lot of technology to this thing beyond what existed in the DK1 and DK2 days.”

Luckey said that there were “no compromises made in terms of quality.”

And it’s not a matter of ‘oh we’re selling more, we can make more money!’ it’s just the reality that when you make this thing you have to decide what tradeoffs you’re going to make; are you going to optimize for absolute lowest price possible, even if it’s gonna be a lower quality experience? Or do you try to say ‘you know what, this is the first consumer VR headset that were going to be pushing out to people. We need to put a stake in the ground and say: this is the best possible experience that we were able to make. No compromises were made in terms of quality’. Get the cost down as much as you can on that experience, but make it so that the Rift is something that everybody wants to use to the best of your ability.”

I can’t tell you that it’s going to be $350, and I would say I think people are going to be happy with what they get for the price because I really do think it’s going to be that best VR headset you can buy.”

You can read more over at RoadToVR, but for the most part it seems that Oculus want to put out as good a product as possible rather than compromise by putting out something half decent at a lower price. It might have been different several years ago, considering they were really the only company working on consumer VR, but now with the competition with Sony and Valve, it makes sense that they want to come out swinging and put out a high quality product.

What are your thoughts though? Think Oculus should make a version that would hit a lower pricepoint, or do you think they need to be as competitive as possible and put out a high end product? Let us know in the comments!

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