October 2016 for Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4?

rise of the tomb raiderIn anotherYoutube video by ‘The Know’, who have had their ups and downs in regards to game rumours, their latest find leads us to believe that PlayStation 4 owners can expect to find Rise of the Tomb Raider on their consoles sometime around October next year.

Take this with a pinch of salt, because it was these same guys who reported on a rumour of Microsoft buying the Silent Hills IP and releasing the game as an Xbox One exclusive, which as we all know, didn’t come about. To add credit to The Know, they were correct in revealing that Dark Souls 3 was happening. So what’s this about Rise of the Tomb Raider now?

Well, apparently a document written up before June of this year, suggests that PlayStation 4 owners will have the game in their hands by holiday 2016, and that a summer announcement of the PS4 version will be made. To counter the understandably angry fans, who, like me, hate third-party exclusives, Square-Enix will release the game at a discounted price of $40 on its launch. The publisher will also handle publishing the PlayStation version, as Microsoft are publishing it for their own platforms.

Rise of the Tomb Raider had another fantastic appearance at the Xbox E3 event this year, showing intense gameplay moments involving mountain climbing before being hit with an avalanche, followed by a montage of tombs and set pieces you can look forward to when the game hits the Xbox One and Xbox 360 in November.

[Source: Push Square, The Know]

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  1. Rob Pearce ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

    It wouldn’t suprise me. Anything more than that would seem excessive. Think they’ve played it safe with this prediction.

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