Nvidia to offer new high powered game streaming service

NVIDIA GeForce NowNvidia has announced a new game streaming platform called GeForce Now, which will allow gamers on any PC and Mac to stream any game they want, taking advantage of the GTX 1060 graphics card, for a price.

You may think that this sounds oddly familiar, and you would be right. Sony started their own streaming service called PlayStation Now, which offered a premium service allowing anyone with a PlayStation 4 or Sony TV to stream games over the internet to their screens.

Nvidia want to offer a similar experience, but you will pay for it differently. How would you feel about paying $25 for 20 hours of high-end gaming? At face value, that might seem kind of steep, but think about it for a few minutes, and it begins to look a little more worthwhile.

According to Ars Technica, “the new service works like a virtual desktop, with users seeing a full Windows install on logging in. From there, users can load up regular versions of Steam, Battle.net, Origin, Uplay, and GOG and download any game they like from their existing library.”

Sure, if you want to devote hundreds of hours to the likes of Skyrim or The Witcher 3, you may as well buy a graphics card and upgrade your PC for the long term, but if you want to enjoy other new releases such as Dishonored 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Deus Ex or anything that sees your rig struggle to play, what’s $25 for 20 hours of an enjoyable experience?

It’s debatable, but 20 hours is a long enough time to enjoy a title, and maybe some research and feedback will alter this price slightly. Much cheaper than a $600 graphics card at least!

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