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season pass contentSeason Passes are a thing that you either love or hate. It depends on the game really. As a whole, you will hate Season Passes unless it’s for your favourite game where you’re happy to indulge in additional content. This week, one of my favourite game series’ received further DLC which was great, but it’s no longer included in the Season Pass I paid good money for.

The game in question is Forza Motorsport 6. Back in September, I purchased the Forza Motorsport 6 Ultimate Edition, which granted you access to the game seven days early, and included the Car Pass (Forza’s take on a Season Pass) which offered six months of car packs following the game’s release. It was the first time I invested in a Forza Car Pass, but I just wanted to play the game sooner. That set me back €109.49.

Eventually, the sixth and final DLC car pack released, but that wasn’t it. A month later, further DLC released in the form of the Porsche expansion pack, offering 20 cars and a new race track. €20 price tag. Then came the Top Gear car pack, €7, and the Hot Wheels car pack, €7 again.

forza 6 season pass

This week, Turn 10 Studios released the NASCAR expansion pack for the price of €20, offering 24 new NASCAR vehicles and another new circuit. Excuse me, but why should I be paying another €54 on top of the €110 I already spent? This is just getting out of hand. And I’m sure the content isn’t going to end there. I’ll check back in next month!

Of course, Forza isn’t the first and only game to do this. Borderlands 2 had a second season pass sure. That’s just blasphemy! Payday 2 had a Game of the Year version released, but only included DLC up to a certain date. There were further DLC releases which you had to pay for additionally. Is that fair? It depends.

Even this year’s The Division had additional content outside of the Season Pass, although it was only clothing options if you really wanted to stand out, or just burn some extra cash.

Evolve has over US$60 worth of DLC not included in its season pass, which at the time caused a lot of controversy.

Evolve Behemoth season pass

Dying Light also had its launch controversies in regards to one of its DLC content packs being available to Amazon customers, which had to be purchased separately by Season Pass investors. That just isn’t right.

As I continue, there are more and more examples of these Season Pass issues cropping up, and I could go on. But by now, you get the point, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s unfair on players who spend more money on your game before it even releases, investing in a year’s worth of content, only to be charged again for extra content.

dying light

In the case of Forza 6 above, I have gotten six months of car DLC for and extra €40 when I work it out, but now I have to pay even more for additional car and track content? A Season Pass should include all content relative to that game in my opinion. No game should cost over €150, leaving aside collector items and physical additions.

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