NoClip documentary goes to Hell and back, with Doom

noclip doomLast month, Danny O’Dwyer,formerly of Gamespot published his first two-part documentary featuring the history and success of Rocket League by Psyonix. The documentary was superb, a great insight, and had brilliant production values. His next project takes a walk into Hell and the story of Doom.

Doom used to be one of the most respected names in gaming. Even saying ‘Doom’ nowadays, and gamers alike recognise it. One single word. Like Mario, or Sonic. Or Quake. Games that changed genres, games that inspired others, and games that introduced us to hours and hours of local LAN multiplayer and online deathmatches.

In this latest documentary, Danny O’Dwyer visits id Software and speaks to the veterans that made it all possible, and discusses the history of Doom 3 as well as the truth and story behind the unreleased Doom 4. With Doom back again in 2016, it made shooting cool again, adding in executions and familiar throwbacks to the original games.

You may also remember Quakecon last year, where Doom was first shown to a select number of people behind closed doors, off the air. Well, Danny was given permission to show the footage, and the energy and excitement in the room during its reveal is outstanding.

In part 2 of the documentary, Danny O’Dwyer investigates the making of 2016’s release, and what work was involved in making it the exciting action shooter it came to be. The studio spent an undisclosed length of time trying to refine the game’s overarching plot and opening level, and in the end just took inspiration from the likes of….The Last Boy Scout….Yep.

It’s fascinating to watch and listen to, so without further ado, just hit the play button and indulge in more video game history in the making.

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