No paid DLC plans for the Need for Speed reboot

Need for SpeedEA have recent announced, via the FAQ section of the UK region website, that there are no plans for paid DLC releases with the Need for Speed reboot coming in November. It has also been noted that the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game will run at a very respectable 30 frames per second whilst the PC version of the game has been held back until later 2016, to allow for better frame rates. Reportedly.

The FAQ itself reads as follows: “For any driving game a steady frame rate is incredibly important, and with Need for Speed we’re delivering super high production values when it comes to both visuals and sound. We always look to maximize the game technology for the experience we’re building, which is why the game will run at 30FPS on Need for Speedboth Xbox One and PS4. By doing this we ensure that your game-play experience remains incredibly smooth and allows you to experience the high-speed game-play you’ve come to expect from the Need for Speed series.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game are both due to launch on November 3rd, though yesterday EA announced that the PC version of the game has been affected by a long delay which will push it back until Spring of 2016 (a specific date is yet to be announced). Reason being is that EA and Ghost Games do not want PC gamers to experienced locked frame rates on the new Need for Speed given that those with more powerful hardware will be able to run the game at considerable smoother frames.

Speaking from a personal perspective, I am very much looking forward to the new Need for Speed title following a little romance I had with NFS Rivals on the Xbox One and the news of no paid DLC definitely helps thanks to the appeal it has on my bank account. Although the idea of it being another always online (which really didn’t work well on the previous game) does somewhat put me off. But what about the rest of you, does the whole “free DLC” help make the decision a little easier? Let us know below!

Screw Flanders.


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