No new Rockstar release before 2018

gta lowriders take two rockstarLast night, Take Two reported in on their investor call, and made claims that appear to state we’ll see no new Rockstar Games title before 2018, two years from now. Those looking forward to a Red Dead Redemption sequel may have longer to wait than they may have expected.

Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick spoke about GTA 5’s overall success, which included 65 million sales world wide. Not a bad effort at all, eh?

He also stated that “Rockstar Games is, of course, also hard at work, and some exciting future projects will be revealed soon.” An E3 reveal, or would it be too soon for a title being worked on for a 2018 launch?

Any game release by Rockstar or Take Two itself in 2016 has already been confirmed and announced. Don’t expect any surprises, unless it’s Red Dead on Xbox backwards compatibility after its short tease a few months back. “to clarify, we’ve announced the entire release schedule for the year.”

red dead redemption tops backwards compatible list on Xbox One rockstar

Chief financial officer Lainie Goldstein added, “we have very good visibility into our pipeline and given what we see, and also our ability to continue to grow recurring consumer spending in the context of great new releases, that gives us high confidence in fiscal year 2018 growth”.

Note the italics I placed there. What Rockstar game do players continually spend money on, up to the last recording of £500 million? I definitely see a lot more GTA online content to come in the year ahead.

Leading into E3, Take Two previously stated that they’ll be making a big impact at the annual tradeshow, and to this day, I still feel like we should be looking forward to more content for GTA V, whether single player content or further GTA Online content, which has since been announced.

[Source: GamesRadar]

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