No Nesbox NES emulator for Xbox One

nesbox nes xbox oneAn app called ‘NESbox’ created for Windows 10 via the Universal Windows Platform that would allow the emulation of Nintendo and Sega titles on Windows and Xbox One looked like it was going to happen, but Microsoft have since intervened, asking the developer to ‘untick’ the Xbox One in the app’s proposal.

On Friday it looked certain to be on the way as it had passed the certification process, but after everyone got their hopes up, Microsoft pulled the app from the store, and tweeted to the developer.

However, if this indeed passed through completely, it wouldn’t be too long before Nintendo came in and rightfully have it taken down. The app itself is only an emulator, and it didn’t supply game ROMs for fans. They would be acquired by other means by the gamer themselves, which could have been the reason this app made it so far. Still, the developer will continue to try get the NESbox out on PC, mobile and Hololens, which you can see in the video below.

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