No Man’s Sky universe to reset before launch date

no man's skyNo Man’s Sky is only days away from release, and while some users may have early access to the game, either by illegally acquiring it or via official review code, those waiting for launch don’t need to worry about planet discovery already being an issue.

While the prospect of all planes and locations being discovered in a matter of days is a bit unlikely, considering Hello Games has estimated that with their 64-bit seed number, their virtual universe includes over 18 quintillion planets, Sony have issued a statement regarding the release of the game.

“For those users who have obtained early copies of No Man’s Sky, their save progress will not carry over to the final game after the universe has been regenerated for launch.”

This is good news for all fans, and even Sean Murray advised fans on Twitter to be wary of anyone streaming gameplay footage ahead of release.

A patch will be coming between now and Tuesday, that will update No Man’s Sky with its day one patch, but will also wipe the universe clean, meaning everyone gets a fair chance on August 9th, apart from PC players who have to wait until August 12th.

In the meantime, if you want to catch some official trailers for No Man’s Sky, click here. If you want to check out the game’s official soundtrack, you can look here.

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