No Man’s Sky Tips and advice for new players

No Man's SkyIt has been nearly a week since No Man’s Sky Released on PS4 and PC players have now had their first few days exploring the universe. The Game is selling very well and there’s many new players waking up on strange new worlds. There’s not much in the way of guidance so I thought it might be useful to share some of what I’ve learnt from my time with the game in the hope that new players will be able to hit the ground running with these No Man’s Sky tips.

Starting out in No Man’s Sky is a unique gaming experience. There is no way to know where you will be or what hazards await you on your first world. It could be too hot or too cold. Perhaps there’s Acid rain or high levels of radiation, there could even be hostile creatures who see you as prey. Hopefully this list will assist you in your first hours of gameplay in No Man’s Sky.

No Man's Sky

  • When you first Spawn in, take your time and explore the immediate area. There’s lots of loot around your crash site waiting for you. There’s no rush to fix your ship and your analyser should be your main priority early on so you can begin to catalogue animal and plant life. No Man's Sky
  • Once you have fixed your analyser, scan everything. Why is this important? I hear you ask. Well scanning animals, plants, rocks and crystal formations etc earn you “units” ,the in game currency. Discovering new waypoints will also earn you Units. Don’t forget to upload your discoveries once you’ve made them in order to collect your financial reward.

No Man's sky

  • Fixing your scanner will allow you to scan the immediate area and see where resources are located nearby. You will need to gather certain resources  in order to fix your ship. Your scanner will also highlight areas of interest such as outposts, crash sites or Monoliths for example. This can be done in your starship as well as on foot.


  • There are many elements that you will need to familiarise yourself with. Some like Gold are rare and valuable whilst others are more common and used to charge your systems like life support. As a general rule the Red lightning bolts signifies isotopes which are used to power your engines and suit. The yellow bar signifies oxides like Zinc or Iron which are typically used for charging defensives. The blue test beaker icon signifies  silicate’s which are mainly used for crafting.

No Man's Sky

  • Inventory space when you first start out in No Man’s Sky is limited and will fill up very quickly. There’s little point in cramming your inventory full of common elements that can be found all around you. Save space for some rarer elements that you will be able to sell on once you reach a trader or a space station. Don’t waste inventory space by crafting upgrades early on, save that for later on in your journey when you have more slots to play with. You can increase your suit inventory space by finding drop pods that can be found on planets, you can only gain more slots in your ship by upgrading to a newer ship by either buying one or by discovering a crashed one on a planet. You can send items from your suit inventory to your ships even if you aren’t in it.  If your inventory is full you’ll get a red icon in the lower right corner of your HUD. You may be able to free up slots by stacking items. Inventory management is a skill you will need to learn.

No Man's Sky

  • One of the first things you should do when you finally decide to leave your first world is find the nearest space station. Once there you can go to the Galactic market terminal or trader and see what rates you will get for elements or items. Rare elements like gold usually sell well but if you see a commodity where pay outs are worth +99% of the galactic average for example, then its worth dropping what you were doing and go mining. Return to the Space station to sell those items and earn yourself a nice payday. It’s worth noting that you can sometimes buy at low price from the station and sell to traders in the ships that you will find in the hanger, sometimes at a higher price. Keep an eye on the going rate.


  • If you see a landing pad then use it. Launching from the surface costs you fuel but launching from a pad does not.

No Man's Sky

  • Save and save often. You will have to save the old fashioned way in No Man’s Sky as there isn’t an auto save feature. Instead you will have to search for save beacons that you can interact with at outposts.
    There are numerous opportunities on every planet, so be sure to take advantage when you find one. It’s one more reminder to explore thoroughly, too, since it’s the only way you’ll find save points for your game.

No Man's Sky

  • Scattered throughout No Man’s Sky are “language stones”. Interacting with these stones will teach you words from some of the languages that you’ll encounter in the No Man’s Sky universe. These structures will help you communicate with other NPCs who you find throughout your travels and assist you when you are trying to decipher what aliens are asking of you.

No Man's Sky

  • You see those Bypass chips you can craft? make use of them as they come in very handy. they are easy to craft and can be sold for a tidy sum if you need some quick cash. They can also be used to hack terminals, which can then tell you where to find points of interest on your respective planet like distress signals, monoliths or shelter. More importantly, you can use Bypass Chips to call your ship to your location.





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