No Man’s Sky soundtrack available, sets the tone

no man's skyNo Man’s Sky is only days away, and the hype is real. Hello Games and PlayStation have a massive week ahead, and obviously PC players too. With the game just days away, the game’s audio maestros 65daysofstatic have released the soundtrack on Youtube to get you into the mood for exploration.

There are 10 tracks available, and they’re all a strong mix of 80s style rock and synth, with some shallow tones and energetic beats, which you will surely encounter throughout the galaxy between pirate raids, planetary landings and discovery, and much, much more.

You can also find the album on Spotify if that is your preferred source for music.

According to the ever helpful source of Wikipedia, 65daysofstatic “has been described as heavy, progressive, guitar-driven instrumental post-rock, interspersed with live drums and off-beat sampled drums akin to those of Aphex Twin, although they have continued to evolve their sound by incorporating electronic music, drum and bass and glitch music. They have been described as, “a soundtrack to a new dimension, where rock, dance and electronica are equals.”

The band hails from Sheffield, United Kingdom and have been active since 2001. Meanwhile, No Man’s Sky has been in development since before 2012, while Hello Games were working on Joe Danger 2. We would like to wish Hello Games the best of luck with their huge release next week, and we’re all excited to try No Man’s Sky out.

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