No Man’s Sky Review

No Man's SkyAfter fiddling away 15 hours of time with No Man’s Sky, I think I may have reached a verdict. This game isn’t so much of a game as it is an experience. No Man’s Sky is part Minecraft, part Star Trek. A massive universe containing 18 quintillion planets. This makes space lonely, as has been reported the likelihood of meeting another player is slim to none. My time with No Man’s Sky has been rewarding, strenuous, tedious, and astounding. No Man’s Sky makes you feel like the tiniest insignificant blip and a pioneer at the same time. The audience for this game will be niche, but it’s been a wondrous experience.

Mining minerals for supplies is a tedious task but a vital one to continue living in the world. The game is full of menial tasks to boost your ship and supplies to be better. This is how you thrive in the world of No Man’s Sky. It’s not something that you’re dying to do, or even want to. Often times landing on planets can be a chore just to go digging for supplies. However, this in turn becomes a great treat for those playing the game. The planets are works of art, beauty and color surround you and music chimes in at appropriate moments for a sense of wonder. This element of getting supplies to make things bigger and better mirrors Minecraft and I believe it does it better.

The HUD and interactive panels of the game are similar to those in Destiny. Regrettably, you’re given far too few supply spaces to work with for there being so many vast elements to store. The game feels finite in this, that each solar system you travel to, the planets are somewhat similar in structure. The space stations are more of an inbound location than exploration is on one of the many many new planets.

However, just when I thought I’d seen it all, the game pulls the rug out from underneath you. As time passes and as you travel new elements are sprinkled in to make the game and experience feel fresh. One I especially enjoy is communicating and interacting with other aliens.

To boldy go where no man has gone before

This is where the Star Trek element shines. Excavating a planet, stumbling upon anomalies, venturing into the unknown. When playing this game I get a feeling of disappointment that we aren’t exploring the galaxy more with technology on planet earth. Luckily, No Man’s Sky delivers on the feeling of doing something new, engaging a species, naming a planet. The game is so intuitive and has so much exploration, while the audience that enjoys this game is likely niche, I’m one of them.

It has bridged elements of the sci-fi of Star Trek with the building tactics of Minecraft. I think No Man’s Sky is one hell of an experience, one that isn’t for everyone, but is certainly worth a look to see if it fits your bill. And if it does then you’re in for one of the most surreal experiences.


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