No Man’s Sky ‘Path Finder’ update coming this week

no man's skyRemember No Man’s Sky? Of course you do. Probably for very, very bad reasons. I haven’t played it. I have friends who have, and I trust their criticism. I also read the internet, and the overwhelmingly bad reception the game got. Could I make a better game? No, but I wouldn’t dare sell people short either. Anyway, that game is getting an update this week, detailed on the game’s Steam page.

The Path Finder update for No Man’s Sky will introduce “a new vehicle that will aid home planet exploration, building on the Foundation Update to hint at a path ahead for the future.” Patch notes will release alongside the update, but there’s nothing else to add at this time, unfortunately.

“Shortly after we launched the Foundation Update, we released a number of patches to address issues reported by players before beginning work on the Path Finder update. We were surprised and excited by the response to Foundation, and we have been listening carefully to community feedback since then.”

no man's sky the foundation

Despite my opening comment, I always, and have recently still, defended Hello Games in their efforts to continue developing the game into the shape it should have been from the beginning. A lot of players were duped into picking up something that wasn’t exactly what they were lead to expect, or to put that in simpler terms, the game was advertised to feature a lot more than what it actually featured.

no man's sky multiplayer

no man's sky multiplayer1

[Source: Steam]

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