No Man’s Sky Path Finder update adds vehicles

no man's sky path finderTeased yesterday via Steam, No Man’s Sky Path Finder is now available for PC and PlayStation 4, and it adds a wealth of new gameplay enhancing features and graphical updates. While the Founders update gave us reasons to stick around on planets a little longer, the Path Finder update adds more to that experience.

The No Man’s Sky update is rather substantial in that it now allows you to build up to three different land traversing vehicles. There’s a rover, a hovercraft and a massive harvester truck, which makes mineral collecting a lot easier with its mining lasers. Oh, and you can also create race tracks, if that’s your thing.

A new Permadeath option has been added, challenging players to complete a journey to the centre of the universe in one lifetime; no deaths. New music has also been added to offer a more refreshing experience during your adventures, and PlayStation 4 Pro Support has been added, as well as HDR visual upgrades.

To summarize, the Path Finder update in No Man’s Sky adds:

  • PlayStation 4 Pro support
  • Improved visuals
  • Owning multiple ships
  • Base sharing online
  • New vehicles – Exocraft
  • Permadeath Mode
  • Build vehicle race tracks
  • Ship specialisations and classes
  • Shop/traders
  • Double the base building variety
  • Multi-tool specialisation and classes
  • New weapon modes
  • Photo Mode
  • Discovery menu
  • Quality of life improvements
  • 50% more original music from 65daysofstatic

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