No Man’s Sky patch rolls out to PC and PlayStation 4 players

no man's skySean Murray and Hello Games have had a pretty hectic month, with the build up to and release of No Man’s Sky, as well as an insurmountable amount of criticism towards the game, both good and bad. A few issues arrived at launch which is the norm, and the developer is working hard on fixing it up. A new patch has rolled out for both platforms.

While the details are rather scarce, in that there’s no definitive patch notes, we only get a few ideas of what has been fixed, via Twitter updates from Sean. On PC, Hello Games have added support for more hardware, and improved the frame rates for lower spec PCs.

On PlayStation 4, fans can look forward to better stability. The team have said that that they’re fully focused on patching up the base game before they begin promoting and releasing new features. One of those features may be the multiplayer functionality which had been promised, but is not available in game. Is it even there? It’s a bit of a grey area.

Players have began compiling lists of features promised or spoken about, which haven’t in fact made it into the game. A list can be found on Reddit, which is rather lengthy. If you have the time to read it, and feel like something is missing from No Man’s Sky, you can see if it’s listed here.

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