No Man’s Sky patch 1.06 coming to PS4 this week

no man's sky playstationNo Man’s Sky has come about in being 2016’s most Marmite release on PlayStation 4 and PC; either you love it or you very much dislike it and feel disappointed by it. That isn’t going to hinder Hello Games however, who are still patching the game to fix a bunch of bugs, errors and crashes. Sean Murray has stated on Twitter today that patch 1.06 will be rolling out this week on PlayStation 4.

No real details were given other than the patch confirmation, but it will fix 90% of reported crashing issues. Hopefully that other 10% can be dealt with in time, but what about the game’s other problems?

Players have complained about the lack of content, and while future updates may bring new features and what not, it’s what you access to at launch that bothers fans. As discussed before, a Reddit post details a list of features promised or shown in early builds, yet could not be found in the final release. Were we conned, or have we just not found these features or locations yet? With 18 quintillion planets, it may take some time, but will players have the drive to continue before getting bored?

In the UK retail games chart for last week, No Man’s Sky slipped from the top spot after its second week, with sales dropping by 81%. Either everyone who wanted the game have already bought it, or the heavy amount of criticism online has turned potential buyers off.

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