No Man’s Sky officially delayed

no man's skyFollowing rumours earlier this week that Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky was to face a delay, it seems that these rumours were in fact true. Due next month on June 21st, the PlayStation Store has now updated the release date with a later release.

Playstation’s official site currently lists the game as arriving on August 9th, moved from the original release date of June 21st, much to the disappointment of fans who are stoked to play the massive space exploration title.

The rumour first came about by Kotaku’s news editor Jason Schreier on Twitter, who then received a ‘lovely’ message from a ‘fan’ who thought his rumour of No Man’s Sky delay was just to tease fans, and was all made up…

It’s unfortunate about the delay, but what are the reasons for it? Well, it could just mean that the game is receiving extra polish before its massive release, with it being one of 2016’s most wanted titles. Or, it could be related to the potential PlayStation 4.5 or ‘Neo’ release and that the game is receiving some extra graphical updates to tie in with that new console’s launch? Who knows? At E3 next month, we’re bound to learn a little more. But yes, No Man’s Sky has been delayed until August 9th.

Furthermore, it’s also hilarious to imagine being one of these individuals who called out Jason and his wacky assumptions, which have now been proven to be correct.

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