No Man’s Sky leaks onto the internet ahead of release

no man's skyNo Man’s Sky is without doubt one of 2016’s most hyped up game releases, coming on August 9th for the PlayStation 4 and PC, thanks to Hello Games. However, ahead of its official launch, somebody bought a leaked copy on eBay, and has begun sharing footage of it online. Be careful out there folks!

It’s worth noting first that the user, known as Daymeeuhn on Reddit paid a whopping $1,300 for the early copy. Let’s hope he enjoys it before PlayStation ban his account and he sees his progress wiped from existence within the game’s universe.

While some sites have pulled the stream down already, it still exists in various locations, and I’m sure it will only become more increasingly available as time passes. One of his videos shows him opening the game up, while another shows the opening 24 minutes of the game. At the beginning of the video, Daymeeuhn says “Sean Murray, if you’re watching, I’m an asshole, I’m sorry.”

Sean Murray of Hello Games can only offer his advice to fans and followers on Twitter saying “Please don’t spoil it for yourself” and “Take a break from reading about it, and picking vids apart. You can experience for yourself so soon.” Best take his advice, and hold out for the next couple of weeks and enjoy it all in your own time.

However, if you still crave more of this game, why not watch the four official videos that launched this month, showcasing the Exploration, Fighting, Trading and Survival aspects of No Man’s Sky?

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