No Man’s Sky in-depth gameplay footage

no man's skyNo Man’s Sky is certainly one of 2016’s most exciting titles, and although we’ve seen a good few details on the title, fans are still yearning to learn more. We know it’s a space exploration title, a building experience and a procedurally generated universe, but what else do we need to know? Here, you can see a little more of its gameplay and hear more about it.

IGN caught up with No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray for another IGN FIrst to talk about the title, where he reveals a little more information. Get a look at new environments as well as what you’re meant to do in the game. A key focus of No Man’s Sky is on exploring these landmasses or planets, and seeking out minerals and resources, combining them to create items and building upgrades for your ship and your gear.

A cool sequence around the 5 minute mark shows Sean looking to take refuge underground as the weather outside is too harsh and cold to survive in for too long. So, using tech and resources acquired on another planet, he can combine them to create a weapon called the ‘Land Disruptor’, which allows him to shoot holes in the world and modify the world around him. He finds his way into a cave. Pretty awesome stuff!

The sheer scale of No Man’s Sky is impressive, and towards the end of the video when Sean zooms out to the galactic map to show just how big the universe is, is jaw-dropping. He claims that 99.9% of these worlds will never be explored by players, because each star you see in this galaxy, contains its own planetary system, and to see it all, may take you millions of hours. Crazy!

It’s definitely an exciting looking title and with its launch only around the corner on June 21st for PlayStation 4 and PC, No Man’s Sky is one to watch out for.

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