No Man’s Sky Fight trailer touches down

no man's skyThe second in a four part series of videos has dropped for No Man’s Sky, revealing the ‘Fight’ elements of the game. Last week, we got a good look at exploration, now let’s get to the meaty shooting bits in the interstellar Game of the Year 2016 candidate.

Whether it’s in your space ship or on foot on any of the game’s billions of planets, you will encounter danger. It’s up to you to find artifacts that will allow you to upgrade your ship’s weapons and your hand weapons. Expect rival factions, space pirates and planetary fauna to hunt you down. Not everyone is friendly in the universe.

The third trailer to follow will be Trade, and as soon as that one goes live, we’ll have you covered. You can check out the Explore trailer here, if you missed it last week.

No Man’s Sky will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC on August 9th. Nearly there, folks! Nearly. There.

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